Hawkman: A New Story


I don’t know when or why I became interested in Hawkman. He’s too silly to be properly brought into the current gritty world of comic book television and film. Note: I said “properly”. However, he is perfect for the classic comic era of underwear on the outside heroes. I think that going to a University with a hawk mascot and belonging to an Egyptian based Fraternity also connects me with the character. 

I began writing this story as a way to work on my skills as a writer, but not adhere strictly to the current comic code or lore. The story which I am about to lay out is not meant to be based on or add to the pre/post Infinite Crisis, New 52, or any other Hawkman Story. This is supposed to be a stand-alone, for fun telling. Anyways, let get to it. 

Hawkman: Chapter One

3500-2300 B.C.E.

Kneeling in front of the Pharaoh and the High Priests of Egypt, Katar cannot help but to feel pride as the ruler of Egypt and the known world lays his blessing upon him to ascend Katar into the ranks of the royal guard. This moment has been all Katar had worked towards since he was a small boy. The son of common laborers, Katar had been a fearless child. While assisting his father at the work site, he noticed one of the Pharaoh’s subjects break from his line and run toward the city gate. Katar heard the guards yelling for the man to stop, but this only encouraged the man to run faster.

Katar dropped his tools, and began to run after him. His father yelled, claiming that the guards will beat him too, but Katar ran with determination after the runaway. Gaining quickly, Katar leapt into the air, seeming to fly, and tackled the runaway. He subdued him with a technique he had witnessed the guards used many times, and help the fugitive in the dirt until the guards arrived. Expecting a beating for breaking from his work, he was astounded to find one of the guards helping him up gently.

“What is your name, boy?” asked the guard.

“Katar Hol, sir” he replied.

The guard then asked, “What is your job?”

“I am a labor assistant to my father.”

“if you are one of our laborers, why did you bother to stop this man from escaping? What difference does it make to you?”

“Because he was breaking the law, sir.”

The guard had a hearty chuckle at this answer, and Katar relaxed a bit. The guard mentioned that more men with Katar’s ethics were needed as the Pharaoh’s work force was growing.

The next day, Katar’s father went to work alone, but his heart smiled. With one noble act, his son had escaped the life of a common laborer to begin training as a guard.


Rising after the Pharaoh’s blessing, the now fully grown, and well-built Katar Hol stood proud. His promotion was nothing extravagant, there was no banquet, but the small ceremony in the Pharaoh’s presence was more than enough to satisfy Katar’s taste. He exited the Pharaoh’s presence and left to the barracks to be fitted into his new set of Royal Guard Armor. The armor bore the resemblance of Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun, who was symbolized as a hawk. The helmet was a polished gold, with wings coming from the sides, and a beak over the nose. The eyes of the helmet were stern, giving the wearer an empowering look, no matter the expression underneath. The mouth and chin of the wearer were exposed, but a clever strap hidden be the downward pointed feathers of the wing help the helmet firmly to the wearer’s head. The torso was surprisingly open for armor, Katar thought. A large, decorated collar of green and gold lay around his neck, and covered most of his chest, and a large image of Ra was held in the center of his torso by an X shaped strap. His waist was also decorated with a golden belt, that held his pristine white linen pants into place. Lastly, the armor consisted of boots, an interlace of brown leather and golden adornments that gave his feet the appearance of Ra’s talons. Katar walked over to a nearby reflection pool and beheld himself and was pleased.

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