About TRS

Welcome to The Robot Sky!

This website and blog was founded in 2014 by yours truly. It has its roots as a weekly conversation with an old friend and developed into a podcast, then a Facebook page, and

Michael Roboski

now a blog. Today, the blog has become the central focus as a way for me to exercise some creativity in writing, design, and a platform to publish my own material.

Initially, the blog was centralized on what was coined as “Southern Nerd Culture”. Since the blog moved on to my own project, I felt that I didn’t want to limit myself on the content because there were a lot of things I enjoyed that aren’t exclusively nerdy or southern. The name of the blog came from an auto-correct of my last name into “robot sky” and I decided to keep it.

I also wanted to revamp this blog as a way to store digital copies of my art. Since before I can remember, I loved to create. Drawing, painting, sculpting, building… it didn’t matter. Today I carry on that passion through countless doodles in the margins of work notes, in my sketchbook that I carry everywhere, and through my most recent passion of building , playing, and selling Cigar Box Guitars.

Posts are edited by my beautiful fiancé, Geena.

Thank you for stopping in and supporting my “thing”! My end goal is that I can inspire you to go out and create something of your own. God bless!


Michael J. Roboski


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