It’s Okay To Be Normal: A Poem

It’s Okay to be Normal

By: Michael Roboski

Every one of us is special, and that makes us all the same

From the boy that no one notices, to the girl receiving fame.

You have a hidden talent that makes you feel unique

But so do all the others: the strong, the quick, the weak.

So what’s the point in trying, going on from day to day?

Well nothing’s wrong with normal, so normal is okay.

Sometimes we measure people with data made from numbers,

Like how tall, how small, how young, how old, how long we take a slumber.

Data comes in all sizes and shapes, yet none is considered little,

Then we combine it all together, and “average” is the middle.

“so what,” you say, “I just don’t see what’s this got to do with me?”

Well chances are you’re in the middle, maybe over by two or three.

So many folks fit in the center, so normal stands quite tall

And those who seem better or worse, on both sides look so small.

And if you try or if you don’t, to the left or right you’ll swerve,

So what’s the point? Enjoy the view, from atop of the Bell Curve.

There are some perks to being “not the best” but “not the worst”

If you remember to keep in mind, the prettiest flowers get cut first.

But don’t be sad, lift up your head, this evaluation isn’t formal

And if it was, please don’t forget, it’s okay to be normal.

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