Can You Beat The Sunday Blues?

There you are enjoying your weekend when the feeling of dread suddenly hits. You have work tomorrow. Or school. Either way, you are now inhibited from enjoying the rest of your weekend because of the anxiety of obligation the next day. When does the weekend truly end? Is it when you go to bed Sunday night? Is it midnight? Or is it at 2pm Sunday afternoon while you still have several hours of daylight left? For me, it always seems to be the latter.

I’ve talked in previous posts about how I deal with various forms of anxiety throughout life, but the dread of a Monday morning is something that I can’t seem to shake. This afternoon I reached out to Twitter and Facebook to ask friends how they deal with the Sunday Blues. Here are some suggestions I got:

  • Stay Busy (easier said than done, but a feeling of accomplishment does seem to help)
  • Pray
  • Memes (Thanks, Justin!)
  • Drink/Smoke (only if you and the substance of choice is legal)
  • Read

I can’t vouch for all of these, but they are certainly a start. I’m not a traditional reader, but I do love audiobooks. Prayer is nice, but I can only focus for about 5 minutes before drifting or dozing off. I meme all day, erryday. And a nice glass of wine can certainly help take the edge off.

Through trial and error, I have found a few things that have truly helped me feel better when the Sunday Blues strike.

Make A List

Making a physical list helps a lot. Writing down some goals such as finishing a project at work, or even small stuff you can cross off like wash the car, vacuum, or organize a drawer can really help. However, the deeper you analyze your Sunday Blues, the easier it is to pinpoint what it is you’re anxious about. Write it down.

Map Your Morning

Another little sunday ritual is to prepare to face Monday head on. Go ahead and pick out the clothes you want to wear tomorrow and move them to the front of your closet, or lay them out. Heck, go as far to go on and run your belt through the loops, and untie your shoelaces from where you just kicked them off earlier. Mapping out my morning for a smooth run always seems to help my day start a little better. I don’t know why I don’t just do this every day.

Think About Breakfast

I know it’s still theoretically Sunday, but preparing a breakfast for the next morning, or buying the supplies needed to wake up a few minutes earlier and cook can give you something to actually look forward to on Monday morning. I started writing this article after a really bad case of the blues this past Sunday and have been experimenting all week to come up with this list by trying different things every morning and this tip is the only one I’ve done every single day. I love breakfast food so incredibly much.

Watch A Special Show

Throughout the year, Sunday is the premiere date for a lot of current television programs. However, to keep the idea of watching a special Sunday show special, I also recommend picking a show off of Netflix or Hulu that you ONLY WATCH ON SUNDAYS! My rule for this is that I can binge that show all I want on a Sunday, but I can’t watch it any other day of the week, because this causes me to… wait for it… actually look forward to Sunday! Luckily, the night of this publishing, Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its seventh season!

So these are a few things that I use to beat the Sunday Blues and I hope that they can help you out! Give them a try and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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