Movie Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

As always, this review will start off with a spoiler-free review before web gliding over a helicopter and into the spoilers.

Spider-man homecoming is Marvel’s second big movie of the year, bringing in the a second series of summer bucks after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 kicked off the summer movie season back in May. This Spiderman movie seemed over-hyped and oversold to me based on how many teasers, sneak peeks, trailers, and other tidbits were released over the preceding months to its release. I had gone from initial excitement to almost dread of sitting through another new Spiderman movie with a dead Uncle Ben, learning to web montage, and forced supervillain. However, I was blown away by Homecoming. First off, there is no Uncle Ben! The movie starts off with Peter vlogging his early Spiderman experiences leading up to and including Civil War. Stark let him keep the suit and we follow a few of his smaller escapades before the main plot kicks in.

As some of you know, one of my biggest problems with modern movies, and especially Marvel movies, is that the trailers give away too much of the film. Spiderman did this a bit, but it also successfully mislead me into believing that Iron Man was going to be carrying the movie more than enhance it as he did. Iron Man’s presence in this movie was necessary to fully immerse the viewer into realising that this is a story that is tied into the larger MCU, and not just a stand alone Spiderman flick as the others have been.

Other Avengers make appearance through brief cameo or reference, but overall this is truly a Spiderman movie, and it is the one we needed. I loved Toby McGuire’s take on Spiderman, and especially loved the first two of his trilogy. I was reluctant to reboot with Andrew Garfield, but he made it work other than his Peter Parker was too cool. Once glimpses of Tom Holland were first released, I rolled my eyes as Marvel fans braced for the third reincarnation of Spider-man since 2002.

The most unrealistic part of a movie about a mutated teenage genius fighting crime in a spider-themed spandex suit? The fact that this school was so well decorated for Homecoming and that the event was so well advertised and planned for by students. I do that kind of thing for a living, and it is not easy to have that many students willingly make and put up so many posters for an event. That was the only part I didn’t buy. Other than that, it was believable from tip to tail.

Without diving into spoilers, I just want to leave you with a very high recommendation of this movie. Will I buy it? Yes. Is it worth a rewatch? Definitely. Is the villain well done? Oh heck yea. Go see it now!


Welcome to the spoiler zone! Seen the movie? Then they aren’t spoilers! Woo! Is this enough word count to be considerate for those that may have scrolled too far? It is? Good.

Okay, Spider-man: Homecoming was amazing. The movie not only lived up to, but it exceeded the height. Michael Keaton absolutely killed it as the Vulture, and I’m no even sure if he was loyal to the character or not, because who cares about the Vulture in the comics? He was a bad guy driven by a natural progression of motives: he saw an opportunity to better himself and his family, and took it. He kept it low key and had casualties to a minimum. He wasn’t evil for the sake of evil, but just evil because it made sense to him. He saw himself as a Robin Hood like character stealing opportunity and technology for the rich, however, he wasn’t just giving it back to those in need so much as selling it to the highest black market bidder. You know, as the Free Market intended! His suit even made sense in that he used QuinJet technology to create his own version of Falcon’s wings. The talons were there to carry things while his arms operated the wings. Event he fuzzy neck collar was useful in that it kept him warm at high altitudes. Overall, Vulture was well thought out, well acted, and an excellent choice for a villain, as a big company like Oscorp or something didn’t have to be retconned into the MCU.

Tom Holland is the Spider-man we needed. He looks the right age for the job, and is able to play both a convincing new(ish) hero and a relatable teenager. Peter Parker is placed in a prestigious high school full of nerds, so he fits in better. His jocks are also smart, so there isn’t so much physical bullying as there is mental, which he adds to the list of struggles along with his Spider-man burdens. His sidekick is great too. He is phenomenal comic relief, but also useful. Also in this incredibly racially diverse school, there lies an Easter Egg from the MCU. When Peter is called into the principal’s office, you’ll notice that on top of the filing cabinet is a picture of a man in uniform along with several framed metals. This leads me to believe that the principal is either the son or grandson Jim Morita, one of Captain America’s Howling Commandos. I thought that was a powerful Easter Egg that really ties in the lore of the MCU. Actually, instead of just speculating, I went to imdb and confirmed the character name is Principal Morita and is played by the same actor. Almost certainly not just a coincidence.

Anyway, the film kept me entertained from start to finish and held some amazing thrills. The big plot twist of Vulture being his girlfriend’s father was well done and thankfully hidden from leaks, but also seemed like I should have seen it coming considering how McGuire’s spiderman was best friends with Green Goblin’s son, and Garfield’s Spider-man was in love with the commissioner’s daughter.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was only missing one thing though that kept it from being a perfect movie: J. Jonah Jameson. How in the hell did Marvel expect to make the best Spider-Man movie ever without including Triple J!? Come to think of it, other than the vlogging at the beginning, this Peter Parker had nothing to do with being a photographer, which seems like a staple to his character. It worked for the film and may have been left out for the sake of keeping backstory minimal, but I mean come on, half of Peter Parker is a camera! Maybe this will be brought in with a future rendition, but I was a little disappointed that ole J. Jonah Jameson and the Daily Bugle were left out of the narrative completely.

What did you think of the film? Do you agree with my review? Did I miss some obvious talking points? Let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “Movie Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

  1. Yea, I noticed the Principal egg as well, but mostly because I noticed the actor before the pic showed up. Also loved Keaton. Great, stree-level villain. Just didn’t understand the “8 years later” or how Vulture stayed so lowkey. Surely Stark would’ve noticed all this tech being used, earlier.


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