Free Internet Resources!

The internet is a source of limitless knowledge at your fingertips. This post is here to help you sort through the infinity and find some helpful and FREE internet tools to guide you on your journey. To visit any of these sites, just click the title links and they will open in a new tab. Check them out:

Audacity: Audio editing

Audacity is a free resource that allows you to record, cut, edit, and produce audio content. I use this for recording and editing podcasts, and help out friends by creating clips and mashups of songs with one of the easiest audio tools out there.


CloudConvert: File Conversion

CC’s motto is “Convert Anything to Anything” and they mean it! This site is perfect for making PDFs, converting JPEGs to PNG, and for us Mac users, converting TIFFs into JPEGs. They can even handle most video files as well. I highly recommend bookmarking this site.


NinjaUnits: Measurement Conversions

I live in the United States and here in ‘Murica, we use the imperial system or measurement while the rest of the countries who have never landed on the Moon use the Metric System. This site is great for quick conversions to help make up the difference without a calculator. I know it is totally possible to just ask Siri to convert miles to kilometers, but this site is also handy for the creative folks who have ever wondered how many pixels should be used for the creation of an 11×17 inch image. Go ahead and ask Siri. She says they are incompatible units! It’s 660×1020 pixels. Thanks, NinjaUnits!


Documentary Heaven: Free Streaming Documentaries

I love documentaries. The days when the AV set was rolled into the classroom signifying a move day (which was always a documentary instead of a movie) were my favorite in school. I am an audio learner primarily and a visual learner second, therefore documentaries are the best way for me to grasp the concept of a topic. I recommend this site if you don’t have Netflix or Hulu, or have already exhausted their current doc listings. These are also able to be utilized in a classroom at no cost. Topics are easily searcheable and the rating system seems to be reliable, making it very easy to find a quality documentary for your needs.


Project Gutenberg: Free eBooks

Many folks today enjoy taking their reading on the road, and millions of people now own a kindle for portability in their library. Project Gutenberg is a group of people who are taking all of the books that are in the public domain and converting them to eBook format so that research, entertainment, and learning can be easily accessed for anyone with internet capabilities. You won’t find the latest Greg Isles book on there, but you will be surprised at how many great books are free and in the public domain.

LibriVox: Free Audiobooks

This is like Project Gutenberg’s cooler cousin. Now that you’ve learned about all of the great books that are in public domain, this is the place you can go to get the free audiobook version. Disclaimer: these are not Audible quality audiobooks, but they get the job done. Great for parents to use to trick their kids into getting their summer reading done while having control of the radio on the way to vacation.


FreeRice: Free Food Donation

This site isn’t necessarily a resource that will help you get stuff done, but is a great way to pass the time while helping a great cause. FreeRice asks users to answer trivia questions of various difficulty and for every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to those in need. Millions of people have been fed through his program, and in your spare time you can increase your vocabulary while feeding the hungry. Seems like a pretty good trade off to me!


Paint.Net: Like MS Paint, but Better

This sites gives a much needed facelift to the basic paint program that we have all played with on a PC. This software downloads Paint.Net’s program to your computer and can be used for drawing, editing, and creating pictures with more advanced tools than those that came out in Windows 95. I recommend browsing the link below to see if their features are something that you could use as a replacement for graphic creation.


YouTube: Free Video Streaming

I really shouldn’t have to tell you how great YouTube is for free content. Most of us use it daily. However, not many folks are aware of how many quality educational channels are on YouTube that can quench your thirst for knowledge on a variety of topics, or even help you cram for a test with some lecture refreshers. I have given YouTube its own post in the past and will link it HERE.


These websites only scratch the surface of free internet resources available to you to take advantage of anytime. I hope that you have learned something new in this post, and if there is anything you feel that I missed or should check out, please leave it in the comments below!

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